Healthcare and Other Useful Links

Mark Dietrich’s Link Page designed especially for Valuation Consultants working on an engagement.
An under-recognized source of invaluable information about publicly traded stocks. For example, you can find the average high low and close for most public stocks going back decades — and all for free! Just click on “Download Spreadsheet” below each stock’s historical price graph. Example: IBM
The maximum period for IBM price data
The Excel spreadsheet containing the data points for the above chart.
Another source of free information. Virtually all of the nation’s lawyers are listed in Martindale-Hubble. You can find out their education, background, address, phone number and other data. Some individuals are “rated” according to a a Martindale-Hubble system. When I get a call regarding a potential engagement, I always look up the individual before returning the call, or while it is going on.
Main page for the Government Printing Office, including the link to the Federal register, an important source of informaiton about such things as the Fraud and Abuse regulations or changes to the Resource-based Relative Value sale (RBRVS).
The Federal register link.
FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) at the Center for Disease Control’s National Center for Health Statistics, the source of much of the statistical data in the Medical Practice Valuation Guidebook.
The Financial Consulting Group’s website, a nationwide organizaton of the country’s top valuation experts (including the author!).
This is the company Interstudy’s site. Interstudy publishes a variety of statistical reports about HMO enrollment across the country and their findings are summarized here in periodic press releases.
An e-mag on managed care.
A page for beneficiaries or consumers to understand the various Medicare options.
A site designed for consumers to compare their options under the Medicare progam, but extremely valuable to researchers and valuators who are not familiar with the program. Also a great tool for helping clients or parents understand their options.
The Office of the Inspector General of Health and Human Services home page containing links to the laws and regulations that anyone valuing a medical practice should be certain to read!
The Philadelphia Federal Reserve Board’s site
The Livingston Survey was started in 1946 by the late economist Joseph Livingston. It is the oldest continuous survey of economists’ expections. It summarizes the forecasts of economists from indsutry, government, banking, and academia. The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia took responsibility for the survey in 1990.

The Livingston Survey’s database offers the actual releases, documentation, inflation growth rates, mean data of all the respondents as well as the individual responses from each economist.
Survey of Professional Forecasters on the current growth, inflation rate, and other key factors in the economy.
The SEC’s EDGAR site containing detailed information on public companies, such as annual 10K reports.
The US Tax Court’s website. Cases are published here as decided.
These are exceptionally useful sites if you are doing “out of market” valuations. It lists, along with links, many of the nation’s Business Journals, weekly papers focusing on issues of interest to the business community. These Journals often publish a “Book of Lists” which show key market information for their service area.
This site contains links to 100 of the nation’s top newspapers.