Valuation Articles

The following is a list of articles on healthcare valuation written by Mark O. Dietrich for the Medical Management Advisor. For more recent articles reflecting Mark’s current thinking – particularly the Journal of Accountancy article – visit his BLOG or go to the About page and see Mark’s CV

  • Insights into Buy-In Transaction Peculiarities: Noncompete Agreements, Synergies  and Other “Uniquities” (July 2003)
  • Evaluating Practice Expansion Plans: Laying a Foundation or Digging a Hole? (June)
  • Regulatory Implications for the Valuation of Noncompetes (July)
  • Performance Benchmarking: Current Highlights from the National Center for Health Statistics (June)
  • Medpac’s 2003 Annual Report on Medicare Payment Policy: Analysis and Insights from the Cloudy Crystal Ball, Part II (May)
  • Valuation, Tax Exemption, Fair Market Value – and the Tax Court (May)
  • A Cloudy Crystal Ball: Insights on MedPAC’s Annual Report on Medicare Payment Policy (May)
  • Contracting and the “Any Willing Provider Laws”: The US Supreme Court Weighs In (April)
  • Medpac’s 2003 Annual Report on Medicare Pyament Policy: Analysis and Insights from the Cloudy Crystal Ball, Part I (April)
  • Valuing “First Refusal” Purchase Rights as Options and Pitfalls of the Market Approach for Medical Practices (April)
  • The United States Qui Tam Provision (March)
  • Tips for Accurate Computation of Discount Rates for Medical Practices (March)
  • Unique Issues in Developing a Medical Practice Valuation Model (February)
  • Nuances of Valuing Medical Practice Accounts Receivable (February)
  • Drafting Proper Buyout Clauses in Shareholders’ Agreements (January)
  • Avoid these Traps When Valuing Medical Practices Which Have Contractual Relationships With Exempt Hospitals (January 2002)

And, last but not least, the all-new Report on the Healthcare Economy, with more than 80 pages of detailed information covering industry-specific inflation, growth, reimbursement and regulatory topics.  It is designed to give Medical Practice Valuation Guidebook readers the advantage in healthcare valuation and consulting and can be used as a reference, or included in your own report.

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