Obamacare: No Oracle Required

October 15th, 2013 | Healthcare Reform

I am pleased to have been dead right on what a fiasco Obamacare would be, notably the Exchanges. 3 years ago I devoted a considerable portion of my book to looking at the Massachusetts Exchange, a/k/a the Connector, including screen shots, to demonstrate how ridiculous the idea was. You may as well ask people to order cars starting with the pistons, fuel injectors, electrical wiring etc.

That said, the idea was so incredibly naive that it required no great predictive ability to foresee a disaster. The crime is that the press failed to do its job, during the “debate” before the bill was passed on a parliamentary maneuver and until after the 2012 election. Even now, very few reporters have a clue about exactly what is going on, only that it does not work.

I suggest you call your Agent.

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