Pull Quotes from the 3rd Edition of the BVR/AHLA Guide to Healthcare Valuation

April 10th, 2012 | Cost Approach | Healthcare Reform | Income Approach & Methods | Market Approach | Medicare | Noncompete Agreements | Reasonable Comp | Regulatory Matters | Seminars & Publications | Valuing Goodwill

Here are some quotes from the new Guide, available in May!

“The consensus today, including that of many of the contributors to this Guide, is that future physician compensation is typically a more significant element of a transaction than is the value of the practice.”

 “Before going to the Stark modifications of Fair Market Value it is important to note that the use of an appropriate equity discount rate and/or weighted average cost of capital is designed to account for the investment risk inherent in owning a business. One of the many differences between Fair Market Value and Strategic or Investment Value or Value to the [existing] Owner is the use of a market-based rate of return to discount future cashflows to present value.”

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