Owl’s Roost Rumble 2012: Torn Muscle, Bad Time, Good Result

April 28th, 2012 | Sports

I ran my 4th consecutive Owl’s Roost this morning, 7 days after suffering a slight tear in my right calf muscle. My calf held up for 1.7 miles then it started to go again. I had to stop and walk for 3 minutes then hobbled along for another .5 mile before it loosened up so that I could run flat-footed for the final 1.3 miles, which include a 1 mile climb.  Much to my surprise, my efforts were rewarded with yet another 3rd place finish in my age group, despite a time nearly 3 minutes slower than last year. If I hadn’t stopped to walk, I would have been 2d – or taken off the course in the ATB ambulance.

Running with a torn gastroc muscle? Stupid. Getting a 3rd place finish? Priceless.

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