The contributors and I have been working hard on the Third Edition of the Guide, the most comprehensive work on valuation in the Healthcare Industry. This update will expand that coverage exponentially, thanks to a herculean effort by Tim Smith who has contributed some 70,000 words on Physician Compensation Valuation, the first-ever detailing of this discipline!  Tim’s work is a remarkable contribution to the Body of Knowledge in valuation and represents hundreds of hours of work.

Carol Carden, Greg Anderson, Scott Safriet, Jim Pinna, Matt Jenkins, Doug Smith, Jason Ruchaber, Ann S. Brandt, Ron Finkelstein and Lydia Glatz have all updated their chapters and more of the second edition contributors are planning to do so. I have updated my own and written several new chapters, including one on the Bradford Regional case and another on physician buy-ins and buyouts, and Carol Carden and I have a significant new chapter on valuation of Accountable Care Organizations. Perhaps the most important material ever written on business valuation in healthcare, a detailed chapter on the abuses of the Cost Approach, is included with multiple authors from the nation’s leading healthcare appraisal firms.

When the new Guide is available, the details will be at this link:  I’ll also be opening the 2012 edition of BVR’s Healthcare Symposium on January 24. You can learn more here:  You can subscribe to the entire series AND receive the new Guide!

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