Small Business and Healthcare Reform

July 27th, 2011 | Healthcare Reform

The release of a survey of small business by the National Federation of Independent Business showing that many small businesses “think that PPACA will not reduce the rate of health care (insurance) cost increases, will not reduce the administrative burden, will increase taxes, and will add to the federal deficit” is no surprise if, like me, you have spent the last 7 months writing a book about it, The Financial Professional’s Guide to Healthcare Reform, to be released by Wiley & Sons in 2012. The administrative burdens imposed on small business are staggering and as the Survey also found, the tax credit for small business to offer health insurance is primarily a windfall for those who already do so. I suspect that when the true impact of the merger of the small group and individual markets are known, there will be a significant shift in the sentiment about the legislation in the small business community.


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