Rockin’ the Owl’s Roost Rumble!

April 30th, 2011 | Sports

My third annual Owl’s Roost Rumble experience was a good one, despite finding my pacesetting GPS DOA at the venue this AM and nursing a chronic hamstring injury. This compelled me to gauge my effort by listening to my labored breathing rather than looking at my wrist (there’s a joke in there somewhere). I managed to stay in the front group which I estimated at 30 until about 2 miles in when I found myself alone with no one in sight in either direction which was just fine. As usual, the last half-mile hill separated the winners from the losers and as usual I was sucking wind. I was passed by someone I guessed to be 50+ and was unable to respond but managed to keep him in sight, telling myself if he fades, perhaps the tortoise-like slow and steady approach might prevail. He did in fact stop and walk and I made up a little distance. At the top of the hill he folded and I passed him, certain that once again, there would be a dead sprint to the finish. As we covered the last 200 yards I could hear the breathing just over my shoulder. I knew I did not have the stength for a sprint so made my move on a 15 yards downhill with long strides of the type that caused my hamstring injury, a gamble indeed. As we broke out of the woods, only my own breathing filled my ears. I shot a quick glance over my shoulder and knew I had it.

Turns out my age-guessing was correct. I got a second place finish by a single second over the 53 year old gentleman I passed at the top of the hill and finished 24th overall, my best ever, despite only matching last year’s 8’30” per mile pace. Older and wiser but not any slower.

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