Michigan Healthcare Reform Seminar

October 22nd, 2010 | Seminars & Publications

Following up on questions asked at the session. The Medicare tax on Net Investment Income in 2013 does not treat taxable Social Securty benefits as Investment Income.

The Reform law requires requires group health plans and health insurance issuers that provide dependent coverage of children to continue to make such coverage available for an adult child until age 26. Group insurers have an obligation to notify and it appears that a self-insured employer would have an obligation to notify insureds about this coverage. Children who are eligible to participate under their own employer’s plan are not eligible at present if their parent’s plan qualifies under the grandfathering provisions. However, in 2014, children could choose between staying on thier parents’ plan or their own employer’s plan. Finally, the law does not require health insurance plans to provide any dependent care coverage, but if such coverage is provided, it must extend to children under age 27.

Link to IRS webpage where new Announcements on Reform are posted.

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