Roast on the Runway

June 15th, 2010 | Sports

I ran the PTI Airport 5K last Saturday AM. It was quite an experience riding a bus from the parking lot while escorted by TSA personnel in a pickup truck to join the 1000+ others who showed up for the event! Although my warmup run at 6:45AM around the hotel was spot-on, by Race Time it was in the mid-80s, little breeze and, of course, no shade on the runway. Went out way too fast at around a 6 minute mile pace and did not find a rhythm until a half mile into it. Comically (in hindsight), I saw the ultimate winner of the race run by me in the opposite direction at around the 1.25 mile mark. Settled in briefly after turning the corner to head back, but ultimately the heat ate me up. My goal was 7'50" and, at least according to my GPS, I hit 7'58", and that was a real struggle. Official time was 8'02" and lots of folks were 'complaining' that their official times were long in the tooth.

No more racing until the weather cools off. C'Ville Chocolate Chase in October is a must.

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