Healthcare Reform Seminars, June 4 and 10, 2010

May 29th, 2010 | Healthcare Reform | Income Approach & Methods | Market Approach | Medicare

I'll be leading a 4 hour seminar on the Healthcare Reform legislation, sponsored by the Mass Society of CPAs, on June 4. For location and registration information, visit  This post contains links to various sources of additional information that attendees or others may find interesting.

After spending something north of 40 hours in the past several weeks studying the legislation and learned commentaries thereon, coupled with north of 30 years working in the industry, I feel ready for this undertaking.(!)

My BLOG Posts on Reform before the legislation passed are located here
On Medicare Advantage
On self-insuring employers – a MUST read!

Additional Sources of Information:

CBO letter to Congressman Lewis stating that "discretionary" costs in the range of $115 billion necessary to administer the Reform legislation were not included in the scoring of the legislation. This will increase the deficit and eliminate any claimed reduction in same.

American Medical Association study of insurer market concentration,

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid 2009 Statistics containing detaled infromation about Medicare recipients, physicians, etc.

Barclays Capital Managed Care Industry Analyst Joshua Raskin, one of most insightful individuals on Health Insurance and Medicare Advantage. Reports are available through brokerages such as Fidelity.

Health Affairs podcast of a webinar they did with four former CMS officials, including Bruce Vladek, Tom Scully and Gail Walensky, on CMS and Reform

FTC/DOJ July 2004 White Paper on Anti-Trust issues in the Healthcare Industry.

Tax Foundation Analysis: Health Care Reform: How Much Does It Redistribute Income?

Law Firm Sonnenschein Summary, with an excellent topical summary of affected areas.

Kaiser Family Foundation on Reform, perhaps the best summaries of all non-tax aspects of the legislation. (generally)
The Best Summary!

Kaiser Family Foundation Subsidy Calculator where you can determine the government subsidy to individuals to purchase insurance

Kaiser Family/Alliance for Health Reform Podcast on Private Insurance Changes, a superbly done summary of what the insurance reforms really mean.

Controlling Health Care Spending in Massachusetts: An Analysis of Options

Benefits firm Hewitt Associates' announcement of the results of their survey of companies taking advantage of a $5 billion Early Retiree Reinsurance Program in the Reform legislation to pay the cost of early retirees age 55-64.

Extract of the Reform legislation on the 10% Primary Care Bonus to be paid by Medicare for the 5 years 2011-2015 on defined E&M codes (99201-99215,99304-99340,99341-99340) and other related extracts.

Discussion of the temporary increase in Primary Care payments for Medicaid patients to Medicare rates in 2013 and 2014.

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