Owl’s Roost Rumble, Greensboro, NC

April 25th, 2009 | Uncategorized

I am pleased to report that I finished third in the "old man's" division in this morning's 3.5 mile trail race, well behind the overall winner who I believe was 61. The better story is that I had changed positions with a 9 year old several times during the race and thought I had left him behind until the last half mile, most of which was a steep climb over exposed tree roots. I literally heard footsteps as I came out of the woods and headed for the finish line and realized the 9 year old was trying to out-sprint me to the finish line. Inspired, I managed to sprint myself and we finished dead-even, me more on the dead side. I gave him a high five but he later came over and apologized for the sprint! As it turns out his mother was the overall winner in the women's division, so I suspect he will be an Olympian someday.

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