Even More Thoughts on MedPAC 2009 and Imaging

March 26th, 2009 | Uncategorized

It seems to me that the recommended changes in the utilization factor for high-tech imaging might potentially be good news for the stronger competitor in a given market if lower volume competitors are driven out – as I said in an earlier post, I think this is part of the underlying strategy. The survivor, assuming they are not presently operating at capacity, would be able to spread their overhead costs over much higher volume.

Although I typically do not comment on policy aspects, there is some potential rationale that concentrating volume in fewer providers could advance the level of technology available to consumers. Standard MR now has a field strength of 1.5 Teslas and the post-DRA pattern has been not to upgrade because of cost and lack of revenue. 3.0 Tesla machines are presently available and a recent article in Nature magazine indicates that even stronger machines are available.

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