Death of A Friend

January 18th, 2009 | Uncategorized

Jim Rigby passed away late Friday evening after a too-short battle with cancer. He was one of the finest CPAs and Appraisers I have known and I was privileged to call him a friend and have him as my mentor; we lectured together for only the second time last September and he gave me some advice then that has already had a significant impact on my practice. Jim also played a key role in the success of my first book and has given me countless insights into valuation issues, notably consolidator strategies and the Guideline Public Company method. He reviewed my articles for Business Valuation Review and spent hours fixing them.  Jim never asked for anything in return, save one, and only when I specifically asked him. All he said was that I should help others in the profession the way he helped me. I cannot imagine a simpler and finer legacy for one of the silent Titans of the valuation profession.

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