Lookin’ Fine in 2009

December 16th, 2008 | Seminars & Publications

Rhyme not reason perhaps, but the approaching New Year is shaping up as one ripe with opportunity for sharing knowledge. I will be speaking at the NACVA Conference in May (Boston), the AICPA National Healthcare Conference in September (Phoenix) and the ASA BV Conference in October (Boston); I serve on the planning committees for the latter two. I also anticipate speaking at additional National Conferences in 2009, dates and locations to be announced.

I will be moderating the first of three Business Valuation Resources TeleConferences based on the new Guide to Healthcare Valuation on January 30 along with Todd Sorensen (ASCs), Alan Simons (home health and long-term care) and Jim Pinna (avoiding valuation of referrals). 

I hope to have an article out during the year with several co-authors reconciling the valuation of customer-based intangibles for GAAP purposes with the prohibition against paying for referrals under the Stark Laws and AKS. 

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