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January 1st, 2007 | Seminars & Publications

Happy New Year! On February 8, 2007, I will be participating in a Teleseminar for Business Valuation Resources (www.bvresources.com), with my colleagues Carol Carden, CPA/ABV, AM, Don Barbo, CPA/ABV and Reed Tinsley, CPA, CVA.  Titled Healthcare Valuation in Light of Recent Court Cases we will consider the implications for healthcare valuation engagements of the Circuit Court of Appeals Caracci decision and the Delaware Chancery Court’s decision in Delaware Open MRI.  The former is of particular note for exempt entities faced with the possibility of Intermediate Sanctions and for the use of the market and cost approaches.  The latter is significant due to the apparent ignorance of impending changes in the payment for MRI by the Medicare program and the resultant overstatement of value under the income approach. The primary focuses of our presentation will be the limitations of the market approach and the importance of being aware of impending changes when using the income approach. 

We will also discuss the current state of valuation in the various industry subsectors as Carol, Don and I did in our January/February 2006 articles in Business Valuation Update. We’ll have a discussion of what factors influence valuation results in different areas of the country as a result of different market forces: Carol’s practice is based in the South and Southeast, Don and Reed in the Southwest, and mine in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, but we or our firms do work in the other areas of the country, including the Midwest and West.

Finally, we’ll look at the analysis and reactions to Reed and my article in the December 2006 edition of The Health Lawyer, from the American Bar Association. We undertook a comprehensive analysis of regulatory issues in healthcare valuation, particularly with respect to noncompetes and the market approach. The Teleseminar format includes the opportunity to direct questions via phone or e-mail to the panel and I look forward to hearing from you.

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