Delaware Open MRI etc

January 17th, 2007 | Seminars & Publications

I hope to have news early next month that an article I wrote taking a different tack than the tax-effecting mizzenmast on the now famous Delaware Open MRI sloop will be published. In any event, we will cover the salient points in the Feb 8 Business Valuation Resources Teleseminar.

Private Equity Transactions are part of the healthcare acquisition world. Seems as though rates of return not adequate to support stock prices in the public sector are more than sufficient to attract private equity capital. I would appreciate hearing from those of you who have experience in this area.

I was honored to be one of the recipients of the AICPA "Volunteer of the Year" award for Business Valuation. My thanks to ABV Committee Chair and co-recipient Kevin Yeanoplos, CPA/ABV, ASA for his dedication to the preservation of the ABV credential.

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