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Welcome to our home page on the Internet. As our URL – www.cpa.net – would suggest, our early web presence (pre-1996!)  makes the firm one of the Internet “pioneers” in the accounting and appraisal profession. Our current practice is limited solely to the healthcare industry and includes business and intangible asset valuation, fair market value compensation opinions, managed care and network development consulting, litigation support, taxation and regulatory matters.

Mark Dietrich is one of the appraisal profession’s most prolific and accomplished authors (with four books published in 2012!) and lecturers and many of his articles and upcoming seminar appearances can be found by visiting his BLOG – under Categories above right, select Seminars and Publications. If you are interested in purchasing one of his books, visit the Publications page. Specific categories of services can be found by visiting our Services page. Mark is also available as a widely recognized and accomplished speaker on healthcare valuation and healthcare Reform.

We have endeavored to keep our Home page and Website simple, fast-loading and with a minimum of annoying distractions. In the hectic post-Reform era, busy professionals do not need to watch flash videos! For inquiries on the firm’s services, call Mark Dietrich directly at 508 877-1999.

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